11 Work, Learn & Earn at Home Opportunities For Today’s Dudes… & Ladies

Can I work and earn from the comfort of my Home?

A question that many now feel is impossible owing to high rate of scams and worthless information that has pervaded this niche in recent times.

With the coming of the Internet, people can now do seamless things which they couldn’t do back in day. Today you can easily commute to work without even lifting your legs; this is the beauty of Work at Home Jobs.

However, with the proliferation of Work at home opportunities allover the cyberspace- identifying the right Jobs that will require your expertise or even non of it without falling for cheap scams, is increasingly becoming an uphill and almost impossible task.

This is why today we will be taking a look at these offers, and subsequently present to you real time job listing, placement and recruitment services.

Every Service here has been vetted, we make it a point to check out these services ourselves to avoid registering for a service whose operation is riddled in controversy and secrecy.

**Note**If you stay outside the US, North America or Europe; accessing these opportunities might be difficult, but we have a way around it. You will require a VPN (Virtual Private Network) like VPN HUB Premium, to enable you mask your IP & location, thereby granting you the freedom and ability to tryout and succeed with the jobs listed. (Note the link contains our affiliate link, and using it grants you a free access to try the software for 7 days with no hidden charges or charge backs).

1. My Perfect CV Registration (US, CA)

***offer targeting UK residents, so ensure you make use of VPN Hum Premium to avoid redirects***

For you to begin this journey of getting recruited, you Resume speak a lot about you. This is where MY PERFECT CV professional service is required.

Ordinarily, this is no Work and Home job offer and I know you must be wondering why it was included in this list.

You must understand that this is a rudimentary step you must take to appear compliant and eligible for the many job offers you’ll encounter here.

Why do I require this service?

Since the inception, this service has helped millions not just in America, but beyond; to build top notch Resumes that guarantee you get enlisted by any employer

  • We work with recruiters to design resume templates that format automatically.
  • Give you professional tips in writing and crafting job winning resumes
  • Design your Resume with millions of templates. so alluring that no employer will dump your Application in the bin.

It is so easy and it requires no skill, experience or coding ability to get it done.

What customers say:

Below is a screen shot collated according to 239 customer reviews from Site Jabber:

2. Casting 360

This service is suitable for actors and those who work in the creative arts industry for screen gigs like Movies, Commercials, Television and more…

Casting 360 is a wonderful service that bridges the gap between wannabes and already established peeps in the industry

This offer once again targets US residents, but staying outside the US should not stop you from applying to be a part of this wonderful service, especially if your dream is becoming one of the screen queen and kings in Hollywood and beyond!

Signing UP for this service gives you the following advantages and leverage:

  • Quick Registration
  • Access to 5,300+ Casting Calls
  • Auditions from FOX, Netflix, NBC, CBS, MTV & more
  • Profile Visible to 34,000+ Casting Directors
  • Tailored Casting Calls Alerts

What real users say about casting 360 service

Again we consulted the site Jabber customer reviews and perception site to gather experiences of about 13 people who have used casting 360 for movie, TV and commercial gigs:

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