11 Work, Learn & Earn at Home Opportunities For Today’s Dudes… & Ladies

3. HyreCar

This a rent-to-earn service that reduces the entry bar for would be Uber & Lyft drivers who do not own a car to begin their journey as Drivers as a result of lack of money.

Hyre Car service makes it easy for you to find a car, rent the car, drive and then earn.

It believes in the maxim – … Building roads to financial freedom – one driver, one vehicle, one road at a time

What customers say about the service:

From what we have gathered so far, we think this company has a “terrible” customer service; from the phrase one user used in describing the nonchalance displayed by the Management.

Below is a screen-shot of angry users spilling their anger and frustration on Hyre Car’s Facebook Page, see:

4. Monster.com job listing

5. Fresh Gigs

Fresh Gigs is a Job Listing board, here you can post your job title and also see job listings that match your area of expertise.

Fresh Gigs enables you to earn from the comfort of your home, and if you are a North American Resident, this is no big deal, but if you reside outside this region, then its best you tried our highly recommended VPN Service for free, so that you don’t miss out on a top gig that could change your financial status.

6. Joblift

JobLift is an International Job Listing and Connection Service. Subscribing to this superb service enables you get Job Alerts that match your profile and skills set.

As curated from their FAQ:

Joblift collaborates with various job portals such as TotalJobs, Jobsite and CV-Library. Other partners include Stepstone, Gigajob, Experteer and Jobware

Fortunately the service borrowing the phrase as used on their website- “completely free of charge”

What real time Users say about joblift:

Currently, JobLift has three Portals for those Seeking jobs in the following countries: following each of the under-listed links will point you to the right job connection based on the country of your choice

7. Lensa for Job Seekers

Lensa is one of the best International Job Listing Service globally, and many peeps like you and me have got their dream jobs while going through this simple yet powerful Job Searching Portal.

Registration is free, just feel in the simple form on the site and match your profile; and you’ll receive daily alerts of the jobs that match your profile and preferences.

One thing I love about this service is it’s simplicity and here lies in awesomeness.

What users feel about Lensa job search service:

This is a mixed review curated from TrustPilot’s user’s survey and comments. With some reporting the service to be good, while a good number feel the service ain’t worth the hype, see:

8. Distant JOB

DistantJob is a remote Job search and placement portal, that matches Job seekers with recruiters in a marriage of convenience and compatibility.

This service requires you to register and search for your dream job: the service could be termed to be free, however DistantJobs don’t accept freelancers,

Yes, they prefer matching a job seeker and employer on a full time basis, this we believe is to increase productivity and an overall satisfaction of both the employer and the employee respectively.

Sharpen your Skills set and Earn More from Home with these E-learning Platforms:

Now for you to be job compliant and seek out better opportunities and engagements utilizing the power of the World Wide Web; you really need to increase and improve your skills set.

The following services will enable you do that.

9. Skillshare

10. Pimsleur Trial – Learn A New Language

11. SimpliLearn

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